Sketch of a Research Program

Developing scientific theories would not been possible without the academic exchange. In order to accompany the research project THERE - Theory and Empiricism of Religious Evolution with content-based comments and subject related tips, a first sketch of the research project has been published online on the platform Scalar. The text can be commented easily with the plug-in Hypothesis. Find the manual below the picture.

Outlined Research Program

A first overview overs the paper THERE - Aspects of a Research Program (presented at Catholic Academy Berlin, 20th of June 2018)

The the two-parted program is published in the German journal Zeitschrift für Religionswissenschaft. Find the version for citation here:

Krech, Volkhard (2018): Theory and Empiricism of Religious Evolution (THERE): Foundation of a Research Program.

Commenting the Research Program

Step 1: Open the text at Scalar 2

In order to comment the text "THERE - Foundation of a Research Program" written by Volkhard Krech, you need to open it at By clicking in the left upper corner you open the table of contents. Each chapter and can be opened by direct click on the respective headline in the table of contents. All subchapters can be opened by a click on the arrow ">" in the table of contents.

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